Continuing the Discussion…

Welcome Back!

This semester the Awareness Blog will continue to serve as a place for meaningful discussion and reflection on social issues. We’re hoping to get a lot of guest writers to share thoughts on current events and various issues… which means we need YOUR help! Please contact me at if you would be interested in writing a blog post this semester. It can be on anything that you feel compelled to share your opinion on or spread awareness about– basically if you’re passionate about an issue, write about it!

If you want to get involved with one of Elon’s three awareness organizations, now’s the perfect time to do it! E-mail:

  • Amnesty International:
  • Oxfam:
  • Invisible Children:

Also, make sure to check out the Events page on this blog to see what our organizations are doing and what social justice-related events are happening on campus!

This year the Awareness Team is going to really focus on “Going Deeper” and challenging ourselves and the Elon student body to take action and to see awareness as the pathway to action. We can collectively create change because, as Nelson Mandela reminds us…



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