Phoenix Question: How do you Pay it Forward?


Jeff: I pay it forward by buying a meal for someone. A simple way to show you care by paying and simply inviting them to share a meal with you.

Cara: Elon University, Center for Leadership – we’re excited to see what you do for Pay It Forward week! How does the CFL pay it forward?

Jordan: I pay it forward through small actions, like holding the door open, giving a smile, and/or saying thank you.

Cara: I will pay it forward through the work that I’ll dedicate my life to doing. And through trying to be kind to everyone I meet – little and big things both count with pay it forward!

Dana: I bought one of my students a drink at Irazú Coffee and bought my friend Smitty’s ice cream after a nice walk! It was nice to surprise these people with a yummy, delicious, and free treat! I asked both to Pay it Forward to someone else!

Mat: This may sound silly but my favorite method of paying it forward is flipping pennys face up when I see them and hoping that someone will find it and get good luck. I also work to pay it forward through the questions I ask to my friends, peers, and everyday people I meet, striving to make people feel noticed and heard.

Bob: Paying it forward this week is an excellent start, but I challenge everyone to take this idea a step further and ask yourself how you will incorporate this question into the foundation of your life. This quote that I have carried with me for years by Sorious Samura, a filmmaker from Sierra Leone, helps serve as my compass:“If you have the blessings of an education and the opportunity to help change the lives of vulnerable people and you don’t, you should be charged for cowardice in the face of the enemy.”

Jason: I pay it forward by helping or encouraging people who will never have the opportunity to help me in return



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