Meet the Awareness Team: Spring 2014



Our Elon Volunteers! Awareness Team welcomes three new members for the spring semester!

Sierra Club: Allison Hren


Hometown: Cary, NC (Junior)
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Sociology
Interests: Reading, hiking, crocheting

Amnesty: Kate Shafer


Hometown: Jefferson, NY (Junior)
Major: International Studies (LA Concentration)
Minors: Spanish, Psychology, Italian Studies
Interests: Music, travel, camping, languages & culture

Oxfam: Avalon Fox


Hometown: Blue Point, NY (Sophomore)
Major: Undecided, Communications
Interests: Playing the violin, yoga, going to the beach

The team, continued from fall semester:

Awareness Director: Gloria So


Hometown: Mount Airy, MD (Senior)
Independent Major: Human Rights & Social Justice Activism
Interests: The outdoors, traveling, music, volunteering, photography

Amnesty: Helen Meskhidze

2013-08-21 16.01.18

Email: or
Hometown: Raleigh, NC (Sophomore)
Major: Physics, Philosophy
Minor: French
Interests: Reading, baking, traveling, hiking, programming, world peace

Invisible Children: Marlena Fernandez


Email: or
Hometown: Accokeek, MD (Sophomore)
Major: Engineering Physics, Civil Engineering
Minor: Environmental Science
Interests:  Swimming, photography

Oxfam: Rachel Stannard

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 1.44.57 PM

Email: or
Hometown: Malvem, PA (Sophomore)
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Anthropology
Interests: Reading, hiking, photography, working with kids


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