Sorry depressing news and textbooks, but Love Wins.


By: Molly Lomenzo

I really try not to post statuses that are overtly emotional/controversial/deep/commentaries on society on Facebook. I do not believe that Facebook is the place for that– Facebook is not real life. Conversations need to take place in person, for that is how change happens. However, I feel the need to put something in writing and this blog is a good space to do so!

In light of recent events and course readings, I have become exceedingly discouraged. To name a few: nuclear terrorism, war crimes, genocide, the government shutdown, terrorist attacks, typhoons etc, I have felt particularly discouraged about the present and future of our world. What’s the point, really, of anything “good” we do in EV or in our personal lives, when it is countered by a dozen acts of violence or discrimination or hatred or war around the world?

The point is: I still believe that our world is good. Because I know people whose light is so fierce that the darkness doesn’t know what to do. Light is stronger than darkness and always will be. To borrow the words of a wonderful author and blogger of Momastery, Glennon Doyle Melton, “Love Wins.” The world is made up of people, not states or groups or world powers, nor of theories or strategies or economics or physics. At the end of the day, there are just people like you and me whose hearts break and mend and break again. If we don’t believe in the power of our own hearts to change the world we live in, we cannot purport to be champions of human rights or social justice. Love wins in all its forms. Whether love for and from the God of your faith or for a person who society says you shouldn’t love, Love still wins. It wins in tragedy and horror and war and disaster. Love Wins.

Glennon’s  motto for her blog and her group is:  “We Can Do Hard Things. Love Wins. We Belong to Each Other.” Yes, especially that last part.. we belong to each other. We must keep doing good, not because other people “need” our help, but because we all belong to each other. All of us, not just some of us.


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