Invisible Children: Executive Committee Elections 2013-2014

Invisible Children_0

Invisible Children is currently holding elections for its executive committee!  Members of the executive committee are expected to attend the 30 minute bi-weekly group meetings,  exec meetings that occur weekly or bi-weekly depending on upcoming events, and Invisible Children’s events (~2 per semester).   The positions are listed below with a short description of responsibilities– these are just examples, responsibilities will depend what events are occurring.

  • Public Relations/ Marketing Rep:  submit adds to advertise our events (i.e. EV Weekly, electronic boards, etc.), help create and distribute information regarding events (i.e. contacting professors, writing on white boards, blog posts, etc.)
  • Secretary:  write minutes for exec and group meetings, assist with email correspondence on group account, write blog posts summarizing important group meetings
  • Treasurer:  help create budget and track club spending, attend SGA treasury meeting with co-presidents, assist with purchasing items for events and meetings

To apply, please email the co-presidents Jill Pickett and Marlena Fernandez at and and indicate the position(s) you are interested in and provide an explanation (150-400 words) of why you would like the position,  why you believe you are best suited, and any other information that is relevant.

*Note: Unfortunately, the has not been available for the past two weeks. We are working on fixing the technical errors. If you have submitted an application or are still interested in a position, please email the co-presidents listed above. We are planning on meeting in KOBC 112 next Wednesday (October 9) at 7:30 p.m. to announce the officers.

Please note:

1.  Anyone can apply, you do not have to be an upperclassman or previously involved in Invisible Children.

2.  Applications must be emailed to by 8:00 am on Wednesday September 25

3.  While the positions are not a huge time commitment, we are looking for motivated individuals who are committed to raising awareness on Elon’s campus fall and spring semester!


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