“Kenya: Until Hope is Found” Documentary Screening


Join Invisible Children and Amnesty International in watching “Kenya: Until Hope is Found,” an inspiring documentary. It will be shown on October 24, 2013 in McKinnon D (Moseley 2128D). After the screening, Amnesty International will host a discussion. The time is TBD.

“Kenya: Until Hope is Found” uses real events to educate about the importance of building and maintaining peace. The documentary is a heart-wringing sixty minutes that clear falsehoods to reach reality and truth. It explores the violence that occurred in Kenya after the 2007 presidential elections. The transformation from political protest to ethnic violence is displayed and investigated in this film. Going beyond the events of Kenya, the film relates to the universal human story of the quest for peace amidst the inevitability of conflict. The voices of Kenyans who have suffered tremendous trauma cry out for peace with such power and invigorating need which compels the heart to react.

In a sincere effort to raise awareness and help Kenya find peace, Patrick Mureithi created a masterpiece. He is determined to spread the word and help the people of Kenya before the electrons on March 4th. Learn more about Patrick and his works here.


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