Drake’s the kind of guy that…respects womend

So you're saying Drake not wanting to objectify women is a bad thing?

So you’re saying Drake not wanting to objectify women is a bad thing?

By: Leigh Burgess

I’ll be the first one to admit that most of my music fits the classic feminist stereotype. Ani, Alanis, Fiona, Tori, Tracy, Amy and Emily… Basically, if Lilith Fair returns, I’m staging a Ticketmaster coup to get tickets. Enough said.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also listen to tracks from the hip-hop and rap worlds. Among other artists, I’m a big Drake fan. Now that his new album has leaked, I really just have one question –

WHY do we have to hate on Drake?

Drake has more emotion-baring lyrics than on records past (although “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make-up on, that’s when you the prettiest…” still reigns supreme). Because Drake “wanted to tell you accept yourself/you don’t have to prove sh** to no one except yourself”, Twitter users have made him into a caricature of emasculation and all things “sensitive.”

Apparently, his lack of male chauvinism means #Drakesthetypeofguy …

  • “to pick up a hooker in GTA and drop her off in a better part of town”
  • “to argue that cheerleading is a sport”
  • “that will give a stripper a 100 dollars with a note saying ‘you don’t need to do this’ lolol”
  • “that sits down to pee”

and, of course…

  • “Drakes the type of guy that’s gay.”

Classic. Glad to see the Internet is still alive with original thinkers.

Until Drake actually loses his balls*, I refuse to see him as emasculated.

Emotional availability is a good thing. You don’t have to know the difference between maxi pads and pads with wings, but a little sensitivity is certainly attractive. Testosterone-fueled sexism, however, is not. It’s just absurd and ignorant.

Drake has a positive perspective of women, and he’s getting flack for it. Maxwell and JT don’t get backlash for their woman-appreciating lyrics because it’s appropriate for their genre, but Drake is considered “soft” because it…isn’t? I may only be a woman, but I didn’t realize female respect was genre-specific.

So what are we saying then? That rap has to be misogynistic? That the only credible rappers in the game are the ones that like “big booty hoes?” That you’re not masculine unless you run over prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto and generally disrespect women?

That’s like saying you’re not a Southerner unless you’re racist, you’re not Christian unless you’re anti-gay, you’re not a true sorority girl if you’re smart and driven.

That’s ridiculous. This kind of militant pigeonholing perpetuates stereotypes and keeps pop culture – a thermostat of our larger society – from progressing in a positive manner.

Being “hard” doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a coward. No guy should be considered masculine if he doesn’t respect women.

* See definition of emasculate


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